Legal professionals have come to rely on Dragon for productivity and independence. From drafting important legal documents and emails to keeping records up-to-date, there’s typically an emphasis on reporting. Being primarily a time-based profession, Dragon makes it possible for attorneys and advocates to focus on the billable hours, ensure the greatest efficiency for their client and gives them the luxury of time when it comes to accuracy and process. Whether starting out or working past retirement, legal professionals can accomplish more without having to rely on a host of support staff. Whether you’re trying to save money, time or both, Dragon can help reduce or eliminate costs associated with outsourcing and transcription, or can be integrated to free you up by activating current support personnel.

dragon for legal professionals

  • Speed Up Documentation Turnaround Time
  • Generate More Accurate Reporting
  • Improve Workflow with Readymade Document Templates
  • Boost Productivity
  • Limit Backlog Work
  • Record Notes Anywhere and Transcribe Later
  • Breeze Through Emails

Cost and time-saving

Being able to record dictation for it to be typed by an outsourced typing pool is one way of handling transcription but the back-and-forth and delays make it difficult to compete with Dragon’s instantaneous results. Surgeons are able to perform an operation and call up templates with a custom voice command to speed up reporting of standard procedures or integrate speech recognition so that they can detail the operation within minutes of carrying it out.


Dragon enables legal professionals to be more independent, able to create their own documents without being restricted by their support staff’s availability. This is a boon for professionals who need to get work done over the weekend or after hours and it helps when support staff need to take leave unexpectedly.

Integrate with Support

If you’re under pressure, you can skip direct dictation and switch to dictating all your notes using a digital recorder. While Dragon enables you to automatically transcribe these notes when you return to your PC after court or client meetings, it does offer users a degree of portability and can be handed over to an assistant for processing. We can train your support to use your voice profile to automatically transcribe, correct and format your work in preparation for sending on. This ensures you get to focus your attention on increasing productivity rather than getting caught up on the document management.