Who We Are

Human Capital Development (HCD) is committed to prompt and exceptional service nationwide. We provide our professional and corporate clients with integrated solutions, and have specialised in Dragon NaturallySpeaking since its inception in 1997. We pride ourselves on providing support long after closing a sale and our tailored productivity enhancing solutions are known for achieving a full ROI within 60 days!

HCD is a complete speech-recognition, digital voice dictation and transcription solution provider offering consultation, training, customization, products and support services. We are dedicated to providing you with personal, professional, and honest service to enhance your day-to-day operations and increase productivity.

HCD is constantly researching speech-recognition, digital voice and associated technologies to ensure you receive current information and optimum assistance on an ongoing basis. Above all else HCD tailors solutions to your specific needs, providing you with customized premium service.

What We Offer

Excellent Service

  • Consulting & assessments
  • Installation and setup of products
  • Support services
  • Customization for streamlined performance of the solution
  • Training in the effective use of speech recognition, digital voice dictation and transcription.

Great Products

  • Speech recognition software
  • Digital voice recorders
  • Digital transcription kits
  • A variety of quality microphone inputs

Our History

Human Capital Development was formed by Peter Durham in 1996 with a sincere desire to improve corporate workflow productivity by providing quality speech recognition and dictation solutions.

HCD’s founding principles:

  • To offer honest advice with the client’s best interests in mind.
  • To provide excellent service that exceeds industry standards.
  • To continually improve product and service offerings to corporate South Africa through continuous research in order to provide clients with “cutting edge” and “the best of breed” productivity improvement technology solutions.


These are Human Capital Development’s core values, and they always will be.



Further Information

We realise that the information on this website is only the first step in identifying the right solution for you and your organisation. HCD’s team will be delighted to discuss your requirements in greater detail.