Learning how to type usually is something most people naturally adopt from using social media, messaging platforms or simply writing loads of assignments, essays and reports. While touch typing is a major advantage in this digital age, many don’t have the skill or don’t realise just how valuable it can be in drafting documents or emails. It’s not too late to learn to touch type but even typing has drawbacks linked to repetitive stress injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s why its becoming more and more critical to master the art of speech recognition software. Transcribing your talk, you can dictate your documents and emails to life at faster speeds than continuous typing and without breaking a sweat.

Adopting voice recognition software from an early age is a skill that can assist you for the rest of your life, even if you only use it to dictate your memoirs. The productivity-enhancing tool is great when it comes to getting more done in less time but it has other hidden benefits such as speaking more clearly and formulating your sentences before blurting them out. Giving you an indiscriminate transcription of what you said can help you identify words where you could improve your diction but Dragon also builds your confidence as you issue commands and get used to speaking your documents and emails into existence. Professionals find it valuable in the workplace, which is why it’s actually a good idea to start integrating this time-saving skill when you’re still a student.

dragon for students

  • Complete Assignments with Ease
  • Respond to Emails Quickly
  • Go Hands-free to Work with Books or Journals
  • Dictate Your Dissertation or Thesis
  • Use Dragon with PC-based Social Media
  • Upskill for Use in Your Career


Whether at school or university, students are tasked with writing many essays, reports and projects that require word processing. While there are obvious benefits for students who struggle with dyslexia, the software can revolutionise homework for just about any student. Why waste time plonking away at a keyboard for hours when you can get used to speaking your assignments onto the page at 140 words per minute. It makes getting stuff done faster but it can also be fun to kick your feet up and discover just how much easier it is to use Dragon to navigate your desktop, make formatting changes and let speech-to-text do the heavy lifting.


Whether you’re planning on becoming an accountant, doctor, lawyer or journalist… there are many career paths where Dragon is indispensable. Getting in early will not only save you wishing you’d used it to write your thesis but will also stand you well over the rest of your professional life. People are bound to sit at desks and predominantly work off screens making the daily grind a potential health concern. Dragon doesn’t require you to hunch over your keyboard and is portable enough for you to dictate into your digital recorder or smartphone on-the-go. It’s a productivity tool that will serve you well through your life with more advanced versions making continuous improvements.


Social media is a very real part of our lives with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp competing for our attention. Staying in touch with friends can be even easier when you can use Dragon to communicate almost in real-time for PC-based applications. You may choose to speed up the time you dedicate to homework or getting that degree, which means you’ll have more time to be a student and socialise. It’s fun to kick your feet up and chat with buddies online or write that newsletter to your faraway family you’ve been meaning to do.