Speech recognition software enables you to type using your voice. At its most basic, it can help people convert the spoken word into text in the most popular applications. Academics are compelled to keep researching, even lecturers at university level institutions are often pressured to improve their research throughput. Research keeps these institutions on track, adds to the continual quest to build on knowledge and further the aims of these universities. This pressure to continue doing research or supervising researchers can be immense, requiring lecturers to continue their lesson plan, syllabus, feedback availability and marking.

Dragon makes it easier for researchers to draft their dissertations who are able to dictate instead of plonking away with two-finger typing. This speeds up the process of writing, especially useful when shifting between other journals and papers, allowing users to operate hands-free. Being able to type at 140 words per minute can documenting those 100-300 page dissertations seem like a breeze. It’s easier to dictate words in a quote from another researcher, you can create custom commands to speed up routine tasks and generate autotext to make the referencing easier too.

When it comes to being a supervisor, the job just got a whole lot easier. If you’re making track changes, you can now offer your feedback verbally meaning that there’s less pain in giving students or fellow researchers your overriding notes. Doing this in-line is a much smoother task when you can click and dictate rather than being hunched over a keyboard. Having the luxury of Dragon means you can also offer full notes instead of trying to use shorthand or limit the information due to the mechanical nature of typing it up. You could even do this process by paging through a physical copy of the dissertation with a digital recorder or smartphone to record your notes for automatic transcription.

dragon for academics

  • Complete Research Papers with Ease
  • Deal with Correspondence Quickly
  • Go Hands-free to Work with Books, Journals or Papers
  • Dictate Your Track Change Notes
  • Use Autotext for Easy Referencing
  • Create Custom Commands to Speed Up Routine Tasks

Speed Up Research

Research institutions are tasked with generating as much new research as possible each year. Masters and Doctorate students, lecturers, full-time researchers and supervisors are in the constant pursuit of managing this process and Dragon can make their lives so much easier and more productive. Using the software to dictate your dissertation, offer notes as a supervisor and even correspond with fellow researchers just makes the whole process more streamlined. Shuffling between journals and books, you can get your thesis on paper more quickly and efficiently using any number of custom commands and autotext to improve the workflow.


If you’re regularly referring to a primary research paper and authors, you’ll now be able to create custom autotext to speed up the process. Bypassing the tricky punctuation, having a readymade Harvard referencing format on standby or just being able to highlight a selection and say “quote that” to add quotation marks on either end, Dragon can integrate itself into your research work like a personal assistant. Having autotext for typical email responses or templates available on voice command can give you the edge and make the prospect of “doing research” that much more motivational.


Speeding up the research process is great for the user who’s writing the paper. Being able to respond in good time to keep them on the ball can be a bit of a trick for supervisors especially if they’re supervising numerous papers simultaneously. Being able to put a headset on and speak the feedback into the dissertation makes the feedback loop work much more efficiently. Giving your full opinion means there will be less come back for discussion and you’ll not get so bogged down in typing that your body will only allow you to respond to several pages at a time.