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While staying at the cutting edge can keep you ahead of the game, we prefer to test products out before making any recommendations. That's why when a new release of Dragon comes along, we prefer to adopt a wait-and-see policy to ensure you get the best advice when it comes to knowing when to upgrade or make the leap to the next version. Dragon Professional Individual 15 is an excellent version, which has been rereleased in its entirety as 15.6. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and whether you need to upgrade or buy version 16 yet.

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Who Are We?

HCD is a complete speech recognition, digital voice dictation and transcription solution provider offering consultation, products, training, customization and support services.
HCD is dedicated to providing you with personal, professional, and honest service as well as forging an ongoing relationship.


Speech Recognition

Speech RecognitionMany professionals rely on speech recognition to create documents and emails quickly and cost effectively, without relying on transcription support. Dragon provides the perfect solution: simply dictate directly into a PC and your words instantly appear on screen.

HCD are South Africa's speech recognition experts, with more experience providing high-quality implementation, training and support services than any other vendor. Whether you are considering speech recognition to increase productivity or for RSI symptoms, HCD provide the perfect solution.

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Digital Dictation

Digital DictationFor anyone who dictates, digital dictation is revolutionary, eliminating analogue tapes and ensuring fast cost-effective distribution of recordings.

HCD provides digital dictation solutions for all professional requirements. HCD provide the skills, experience and support to enable real organisational change, cost-efficiency and proven, rapid return on investment.

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