Important Update

Dear HCD client,

Due to the ongoing complications arising from the Covid-19, we're taking necessary precautions and want to continue providing the professional care and service you've come to expect from us. We'll do our best to accommodate on-site training and tech support requests. We'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that we offer tech support and training remotely.

This means you can receive support, installation and training services from HCD under new normal conditions. You have the option of receiving these services online and telephonically via Teamviewer, AnyDesk and WhatsApp, or similar. This means we can access your PC with your permission to make adjustments or offer one-on-one training at your convenience. You can download a suitable remote access app here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please do contact us if you have any concerns or queries.

~The HCD Team

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Who Are We?

HCD is a complete speech recognition, digital voice dictation and transcription solution provider offering consultation, products, training, customization and support services.
HCD is dedicated to providing you with personal, professional, and honest service as well as forging an ongoing relationship.


Speech Recognition

Speech RecognitionMany professionals rely on speech recognition to create documents and emails quickly and cost effectively, without relying on transcription support. Dragon provides the perfect solution: simply dictate directly into a PC and your words instantly appear on screen.

HCD are South Africa's speech recognition experts, with more experience providing high-quality implementation, training and support services than any other vendor. Whether you are considering speech recognition to increase productivity or for RSI symptoms, HCD provide the perfect solution.

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Digital Dictation

Digital DictationFor anyone who dictates, digital dictation is revolutionary, eliminating analogue tapes and ensuring fast cost-effective distribution of recordings.

HCD provides digital dictation solutions for all professional requirements. HCD provide the skills, experience and support to enable real organisational change, cost-efficiency and proven, rapid return on investment.

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