Medical professionals have come to rely on Dragon for its bouquet of relevant features. Being in the business of health care, there’s typically a great deal of reporting, something that many aspiring doctors don’t anticipate at the time of electing their specialty. Using practice management systems goes a long way to improving work flow with patient profiles and templates but as ordered as these systems are, they still require the end user to complete and input accurate documentation and notes. Dragon makes itself compatible with most practice management systems if they don’t allow direct dictation in notes fields. It also speeds up reporting for medical professionals, enabling them to dramatically reduce the turnaround time of getting letters out and improving overall accuracy of reporting.

dragon for doctors

  • Speed Up Documentation Turnaround Time
  • Generate More Accurate Reporting
  • Boost Productivity
  • Limit Backlog Work
  • Record Notes Anywhere and Transcribe Later
  • Breeze Through Emails
  • Interface with Compatible Practice Management Software

Cost and time-saving

Being able to record dictation for it to be typed by an outsourced typing pool is one way of handling transcription but the back-and-forth and delays make it difficult to compete with Dragon’s instantaneous results. Surgeons are able to perform an operation and call up templates with a custom voice command to speed up reporting of standard procedures or integrate speech recognition so that they can detail the operation within minutes of carrying it out.


Dragon enables users to be more independent, not becoming overly reliant on support staff so that they can create their own documents. This is great for professionals who need to get work done over the weekend or after hours and it helps when support staff need to take leave unexpectedly.


If you’re seeing patients with a busy waiting room, it can be difficult to remember the finer details at the end of the day. Using Dragon in between patients, which can literally take 2 minutes to dictate a report on the last appointment, makes reporting that much more accurate and also prevents a build up of paperwork at the end of the day. While Dragon can give professionals self-sufficiency and effectively save on transcription service costs or even streamline support staff, you can also integrate it so that your support become even more efficient.

Integrate with Support

If you’re under pressure, it can even make more sense to simply dictate all your notes using a digital recorder. While Dragon enables you to automatically transcribe these notes when you return to your PC giving users a fair amount of portability, it can be handed over to an assistant for processing. We can engineer it so that your assistant can use your voice profile to automatically transcribe, correct and format your work in preparation for forwarding on. This ensures you get to focus your attention on getting work out rather than getting caught up on the document management.