Everyone deserves to be heard. And recorded. Every day, HCD helps school boards, city councils, and executive boards capture every murmur, every question, and every voice. Depending on your venue and your budget, HCD can deliver a recording solution to meet your needs.

Conference Recording

Philips DPM 8900

Philips DPM 8900 Meeting Recorder Set
Designed to capture your meetings, the professional Conference Recording System 8900 provides excellent sound quality combined with easy-to-use technology.

Philips DVT 8000

Philips DVT 8000 Meeting Recorder Set
The Digital Voice Tracer conference kit captures everything that is said in excellent audio quality.

Olympus ME30W

Olympus ME30W Conference Microphone Kit
The ME30W Conference Kit is a powerful, high-quality recording system.

Olympus DM-720

Olympus DM-720 Meeting Recorder Set
Recording a board meeting has never been easier with the Olympus DM-720 conference kit.

Suggested Microphone Configurations


In a typical boardroom situation, the participants are seated facing others across a table. Place your conference microphones at the center of either end of the board table. Depending on the size of the table, two quality table-top microphones should be sufficient.

DS-5000 Digital Recorder

The digital recorder can be placed near a person in the center of the table, with each microphone connected to the person’s
left or right.


For larger meetings, such as those common in training or sales seminars, tables are often arranged in “U” shaped configurations.
Regardless of how the U is created – wide or narrow – you can achieve adequate voice capture by placing two or more microphones in appropriate locations.

Digital Recorder Digital Recorder