If your role relates to human resources or industrial relations, chances are Dragon can make a huge difference to your productivity and workflow. HR is charged with screening, recruiting and even training new employees with a number of followthroughs related to employee benefit programmes and the management and facilitation of these processes.

Finding and sifting through new applicants can be an ordeal, the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to filling key or niche positions. To do this involves a great deal of filtering through prospective candidates as well as reporting on the search. Whether you’re engaged in the search by sending copious amounts of emails with much back and forth, keeping records of interviews or simply generating reports of your findings – Dragon can help you every step of the way.

Being speech recognition software, something we as humans have to do a lot of – even more so in the human resources division, it just makes sense to harness the power of speech in letting much of the work take care of it self. Talking into a phone, over a video conference… these are things we’re relatively comfortable with, which means converting to Dragon should be an easy transition.

dragon for hr

  • Speed Up Email Conversations with Applicants
  • Transcribe Interviews with Ease
  • Get On Top of Your Reporting
  • Free Yourself Up to Focus on Being Relational
  • Create Templates to Speed Up Routine Responses


Being the glue that holds the management and employees together, HR is tasked with finding quality employees to meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment. It’s so much more than hiring and firing with human resources responsible for addressing miscommunication between employees and employers. Doing this actually requires a great deal of communication, which is why Dragon is the ultimate tool for email conversations and reporting, giving you the ability to leave a paper trail without the slog of typing every… single… word.


Managing people means being stuck in one meeting after another. While background checks, creating career development material and meetings can soak up a great deal of time, it’s good to know that Dragon can help you keep up with the demands of the role. Being able to transform your talk into text at speeds of up to 160 words per minute means you’ll be able to get your work done faster and more efficiently between meetings. Even taking 5 minutes to jot down your notes by voice in between meetings can make the software invaluable.


Whether you’re capturing the minutes of an important meeting or dealing with many applicants asking the same question, Dragon is able to adjust to your requirements. Use the system’s transcription tool to convert your dictation into text while you grab a coffee. Or if you find yourself answering the same question over and over again, why not consider creating an autotext command to drop into an email to speed up your responses to frequently asked questions. Dragon is an absolute must when it comes to charting performance appraisal and once you realise its benefits, you may insist the technology is integrated to enhance the productivity and overall competitiveness of your company.