dragon is for you

You may have heard about speech recognition software, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

The software can be beneficial to just about anyone with a computer. We’ve identified some industry-specific applications in order for prospective users to get a clearer understanding of how this amazing productivity tool can be put to work in your world. Being in the business of human capital and solutions designed to help you accomplish more with greater efficiency in less time, we’ve integrated the weekend-saving software into many industries.

While Dragon is best known for enabling people to dictate and have their words instantly transcribed into text on the screen without touching the keyboard, this is just the cherry on the top. While this is usually the main reason people decide to build Dragon into their daily routine, it’s so much more than just a speech-to-text engine.

Having the ability to dictate and have your words appear is something you have to see to believe, especially in terms of just how quickly this can happen from utterance to landing on the page. Yet, the product is able to customise itself well beyond this capability, extending into creating time-saving templates, custom commands, multiple function macros and being able to make your dictation and record-keeping portable with the ability to transcribe back at the office.

Whether you want to dictate your memoirs, write that holiday newsletter quicker, zip through your inbox, draft documents or fully integrate the software into your office and support team set up, Dragon can be of use to anyone with the desire to be more productive. Take a look at some of the industries and working environments where Dragon performs best.