Being able to keep your inbox under control and your communication in check is critical to establishing a strong base of operations in the public relations game. Dragon is a speech recognition software and productivity tool that can help you do more work in less time, freeing you up to focus on what matters – communication. Designed to mold to your work environment, you can allow Dragon to speed up your typing, improve your workflow and customise the programme to expediate routine tasks. Whether you’re drafting a new press release, liasing with media or communicating important information with your clients, Dragon makes the hectic go-go-go lifestyle of a public relations officer, account manager or executive so much easier.

Breeze through emails, stay in control of your portfolio, field new clients, facilitate press junkets and attend to new event or launch briefs without breaking a sweat. Dragon helps you create documents and emails faster but can also help you facilitate communication and work better. Don’t get overwhelmed by the constant demand of journalists and clients, use Dragon’s time-saving power to focus on the nitty gritty stuff and have the luxury of time to really be in the moment.

Public Relations

  • Get Through Your Inbox Quickly
  • Create Templates to Speed Up Routine Responses
  • Write Press Releases Quicker
  • Custom Macro Commands Complete Multiple Tasks
  • Keep in Touch with Press and Clients Better
  • Free Yourself Up to Focus on Relationship-Building


Dragon helps PR professionals do what’s most important, connecting with people and building healthy relationships. Whether you’re updating your database of journalists or keeping on top of client requests, Dragon helps you do more in less time. Improving your response time means that you can facilitate business more efficiently. Being expedient is part of the game and ensures that journalists get the material they need and that clients feel like you’re really listening. The role of a PR professional has gone more digital in recent years but something’s been lost in the impersonal touch that this kind of cold correspondence sustains. Using Dragon means you can take and make calls to give you a competitive edge. Some people prefer email, which can now be done much faster using Dragon but the more old school approach can be serviced more effectively too.


Public relations requires good people skills but it also helps to be able to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’ve got hundreds of emails coming in each day, it can be not only tiring to keep track of what’s happening but it can also be incredibly repetitive as if you’re writing a Frequently Asked Questions section for a simple email. If you wish you could just literally Reply to All, you can with Dragon. If you’re finding you’re repeating yourself… take a step back, copy that response into an autotext command and you’ll be able to unleash as long and full a response as you deem necessary as fast as you can say the custom command you created. Dragon not only speeds up your response time in terms of transcribing the words you’re saying instanteously, but you can also improve your workflow so that you don’t get stuck typing the same reply over and over again.


To get journalists to write about your client, you need to generate well-written press releases. To help you get started, the software can help with a basic template, which is especially useful if your client always includes a boilerplate “about” paragraph or two at the bottom of every outgoing communication. Want to take another leap in productivity, why not create a few commands that fulfill routine tasks that usually take a few steps to complete. Whether you’re adding new information into a database or start your day by opening several applications, you can ensure Dragon does the “heavy lifting” and cuts out the fiddly stuff.