Supports people who struggle with reading or writing, learning English or literacy difficulties.
Read&Write ensures every reader and writer has the literacy support necessary to reach their potential. Read&Write also supports those learning English as a second language and is available on Desktop, in the Cloud or on iPad.

Fluency Tutor

Help young and struggling readers to build and develop fluency in their reading and improve comprehension.
For young or struggling readers, the aim of becoming a fluent reader can be stressful and frustrating. What if there was a solution that could remove those barriers while helping teachers individualise instruction and measure oral reading fluency and comprehension? That solution is Fluency Tutor.


Provides reading support to website visitors by converting website text to speech.
BrowseAloud supports website visitors by converting text to speech. Visitors can use the product for free and adapt it to suit their needs. Web owners reach a wider audience and enjoy easy implementation — just subscribe and go with no installation hassle.


Provides support to users by making PDFs more accessible.
Schools are requiring publishers to find ways to make their content accessible to all learners. What if there was a tool that could take your PDF materials and create Adobe Flash talking eBooks and assessments with embedded read aloud and literacy support tools? Lexiflow is that tool!


Embeds auditory and visual resources within a publisher’s content to improve retention, comprehension and recall.
Publishers know that the key to success is to ensure that all students can access and connect with your content. Where can you find a customisable solution that allows you to speech enable and embed literacy support tools within your HTML or Flash content? Get SpeechStream!