Consumer Solutions

Life happens at an ever increasing speed. The classroom lecture, the wedding vows, grandma’s stories, choir rehearsal, personal reminders to yourself. Capturing these audio treasures should not be left to devices ill-suited for accurate audio reproduction.

If you want to record an important event or personal note, look to HCD for just the right digital device to fit your budget.

Digital Dictation

DS-2400 Digital Recorder While we offer a wide range of professional dictation devices, your needs might be more modest. Writing your first novel? Consider one of the entry level dictation recorders from Olympus or Philips, both leading manufacturers of digital dictation recorders.

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Personal Recording

DS-5000 Digital RecorderIf you go through life and find you need help remembering important matters, or you would like a convenient way of recording events, we have just the right device to meet your needs and budget.

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Voice & Music Recording

DS-5000 Digital RecorderToday’s digital recorders can capture amazing crystal clear sound fidelity. Olympus is leading the way by offering a great selection of top-quality recorders ideal for both music and voice.

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Transcription Solutions

DS-5000 Digital RecorderWhen you’ve dictated your first novel, you’ll need it transcribed. Olympus and Philips offer entry-level transcription solutions to make your work much more efficient.

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