Top quality wireless audio for the PC
Plantronics Savi W710


The Savi 700 series is changing the way productivity-focused office professionals communicate. With multi-device connectivity, an ultra-versatile convertible headset, and up to 350 feet of wireless range, now you can easily manage PC, mobile and desk phone calls with the most intelligent wireless headset system
on the market.

The Plantronics Savi W710 is a wireless monaural headset system for laptop-centric professionals using speech recognition, PC softphones and multimedia. Savi W710 offers the highest quality audio with DECT™ technology built-in to the USB adapter, wideband support offering superior audio quality and battery life with adaptive power usage for extended talk time. Improve PC communications with one of the only portable DECT USB headsets on the market, offering exceptional HD-voice quality and hands-free mobility.


  • Brings DECT audio quality to the PC
  • 180 degree articulation of dongle providing the durability and stability needed in a portable environment
  • Excellent wideband PC audio quality that meets the highest industry standards
  • SoundGuardTM DIGITAL Technology
  • Control call answer/end, volume and mute with a single button
  • USB connection
  • Over the head wireless headset
  • Charging base station

Dragon Compatibility

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Rating:
6 Dragons


To achieve best possible recognition accuracy, you must switch the headset to “wideband” mode using the Plantronics software. It is noted that while the accuracy is increased, the battery life will be slightly shorter.


Mac and PC Compatible