Philips Digital Voice Tracers

Philips has delivered a range of voice recorders that put the fun into recording important meetings, lectures or personal notes. Designed for both function and style, Philips Digital Voice Tracers are the perfect companion for people on the go!

Olympus WS Series Recorders

Lightweight and compact, these recorders still deliver on performance. With the ability to record at a 44kHz sampling rate, these jewels give you a convenient and affordable way of capturing the events of your life.

Go Simple and Go with Style

HCD offers the three most full-featured Voice Tracers available today. Want FM radio? Chose the 882 with 2 GB of storage and a lapel microphone. The 662 includes a voice alarm clock and up to 139 hours of record time.

Direct PC Link

olympus_direct_linkOlympus DS-2800 Digital Voice Recorder
Slide the battery compartment from the recorder to reveal the integrated USB plug. No cables to tote, no software to install. Simply plug in and copy your voice files, MP3 music files or any other computer file like a flash drive.

Philips Voice Tracers

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 2500

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 2500
The Voice Tracer digital recorder is perfect for capturing personal notes, ideas and thoughts wherever you go.

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 4000

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 4000
The Voice Tracer digital recorder captures every conversation for you, allowing you to focus on being in the moment without missing a beat.

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 5000

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 5000
It combines advanced recording technology with ergonomic premium design and entertainment attributes such as music playback.

Olympus WS Series

Olympus WS-831

Olympus WS-831 Digital Voice Recorder
Its design and engineering make the WS range a consummate blend of versatility and functionality, conceived to get the job done – work or play.

Olympus WS-833

Olympus WS-833 Digital Voice Recorder
At a single glance, it already gets a clear thumbs up – impressing with an ultra-slim body, lightweight build and super-stylish finish. But there is so much more hidden away inside.