These advanced technology recorders are designed to capture all types of special events, from meetings and lectures, to choir rehearsals and concerts. Quality stereo microphones and high sampling rates give you the ability to capture every sound with the most clarity possible with an affordable device.

Both Windows and Mac compatible, the Olympus music and voice recorders are packed with features you’ll find indispensable.

Olympus Recorders

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Olympus DM-901

Olympus DM-901 Digital Voice Recorder
With Wi-fi smartphone compatibility, the DM-901 is ideal
for anyone who needs crystal-clear sound anytime, anywhere.

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Olympus DM-3

Olympus DM-3 Digital Voice Recorder
The DM-3 combines CD-quality multi-format playback and
recording with sophisticated features like Voice Guidance.

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Olympus DM-670

Olympus DM-670 Digital Voice Recorder
The eye-catching, metal-bodied DM-670 provides fully-fledged
professional features for the breathtaking capture of voice and audio
in numerous formats.

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Olympus DM-650

Olympus DM-650 Digital Voice Recorder
The DM-650 is aimed at providing outstanding recording and
playback potential for demanding professionals.


Philips Recorders

Philips DVT 6500

Philips DVT-6500 Digital Voice Recorder
The DVT 6500 allows you to capture music in outstanding
definition and stunning clarity with three high quality microphones. Capture important voice notes and meetings on the go so that you never miss a beat.

Digital vs Tape

Professional handheld digital recorders work very much like
the tape dictation machines you may be used to: slide up the side
switch to record, slide down to playback, hold down to review.

Fortunately, that’s where much of the similarity ends:

  • Digital files sound better than tape, especially after
    cassettes have been recycled several times.
  • No tapes to break!
  • Digital voice files can be easily sent over a network or
    the Internet to a transcriptionist. Turnaround on dictation is faster.
  • No expensive service contracts. What’s to service on a
    solid-state device?
  • No tape expense. And, with most professional models,
    rechargeable battery packs mean no more battery expense.