Dragon Speech Recognition

1. Save valuable time

Save time typing faster by voice

Typing can be painful and time-consuming. What if you could type 3x faster simply by speaking? Nuance’s next-generation speech recognition technology lets you create, format, and edit text by voice – quickly and efficiently using your voice.

2. Unprecedented accuracy

Eliminate errors working more accurately by voice

The average person types with approximately 92% accuracy. Thanks to its cutting-edge Deep Learning capabilities, Dragon Professional Individual 15 gets smarter and more accurate the more you use it. With up to 99% voice recognition accuracy out-of-the-box, it can immediately make an impact. What’s more, it never makes a spelling mistake and quickly learns your custom vocabulary and special words.

3. Control your PC

Work faster when you voice control your PC

If you’ve ever seen Star Trek, you’ll probably like being able to sit back and control your computer using voice commands and in ergonomic, hands-free comfort. Create custom commands to automate tedious multi-step business processes.

4. Transcribe audio

Save time transcribing text from pre-recorded audio files

You can use your mobile phone or digital recorder to record dictation while you’re on the way to work, an appointment or as you leave a meeting. Dragon can automatically transcribe your recording using your speech recognition profile while you have a coffee break.

5. Intelligent formatting

Waste no time with intelligent, natural text formatting

The better Dragon gets to know you, the better the speech recognition software performs. Need to send John an email? Simply say, “John dot Smith at gmail dot com” and Dragon will type john.smith@gmail.com.” Highly advanced. Totally amazing!

6. Touch-enabled device support

Work more easily with new touch-enabled device support

While a significant number of Dragon users enjoy working entirely hands-free, many prefer a mixed approach that couples dictation with the use of a keyboard. It’s ideal for today’s new, highly mobile PCs utilising hybrid touch and keyboard interaction modes.

7. Get going right away

Get going right away: Easy to get started

Dragon’s incredible speech recognition accuracy means you can get getting started quickly. HCD trainers guide you through the process, optimise the software’s settings for best results, customise your profile, show trainees how to use advanced features and coach users on best practice.