Transform the way you work

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the ideal solution for busy professionals who want to work faster and smarter. Speech recognition tools are being used by leading corporate, government, legal, education and medical organizations throughout the world to streamline data collection and document creation, automate complex or repetitive PC tasks and empower disabled workers. The result? High-quality customer service with reduced operating costs.


Accessibility Tools to Unlock the Power of Your Computer

Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software for the PC, enables users to work virtually hands free when creating documents, accessing data, or navigating their computer desktop. That’s why it has become an invaluable accessibility tool for people with impairments ranging from paralysis to repetitive stress injuries that make typing painful or impossible. By taking away the mechanical aspects of typing or handwriting, Dragon helps people with language-based learning disabilities to express their thoughts in writing with greater speed and ease. Dragon helps people with articulation and pronunciation problems complete daily tasks on the computer because it delivers up to 99% accuracy right out of the box.
It even tunes itself to what you say and how you say it to deliver increasingly better recognition results over time.

Giving More Users Access to the Digital World
  • Provides accessibility for people with physical disabilities that making typing difficult or impossible
  • Helps users with language-based learning disabilities better express themselves in writing
  • Prevents repetitive stress injuries by enabling hands-free PC use
  • Keeps workers with certain injuries on the job
  • Accommodates many users with speech impairments or pronunciation issues
  • Works with popular screen read­ers like JAWS to help visually impaired users be productive on the PC
  • Helps organizations meet disability management needs because it’s Section 508 certified



Accessibility and Productivity for Students and Teachers

Dragon speech recognition software is helping to enhance the educational process for students and teachers alike. It has been shown to improve core reading and writing skills for students of all abilities, including those with physical or language-based learning disabilities as well as English Language Learners. Dragon lets students dictate papers and assignments three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy. It also lets them control their computer desktop and applications by voice to get more done faster — whether they’re sending email, taking notes, doing research on the Web, or creating a presentation. Dragon is widely used in secondary business education and computer applications courses to familiarize students with emerging interfaces. Plus, many teachers rely on the software as a productivity tool to help them manage their overwhelming administrative workload.
With all these advantages, it’s no wonder that Dragon is being used in more and more elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school today—with great results.

Opening Up New Opportunities in the Academic Setting
  • Improves core reading and rewriting skills for students of all abilities
  • Helps students with language-based learning disabilities more easily express themselves in writing
  • Provides accessibility for teachers and students with physical disabilities that hamper typing
  • Bridges English Language Learners’ oral and written communication skills
  • Prepares students to use emerging interfaces in the 21st workforce
  • Enables teachers to prepare more detailed assessments of student work through dictation


Streamline the Claims Processing Workflow

Claims documentation inefficiencies are causing rapid cost escalation for insurance carriers of all types and sizes. In fact, field agents and adjusters — who spend as much as 50% of their day typing reports and documentation — are finding it increasingly difficult just to meet claims quotas. Lengthy manual input for forms and reports slows down response to customer claims, compromises the quality and thoroughness of required documentation, and triggers low morale and high employee turnover. Fortunately there’s a better way.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete documentation, speeding claims processing and saving agents several hours per work day. With Dragon, field agents and adjusters can dictate documents three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy — using most Windows-based applications. They can use simple commands to control their PC desktop and applications entirely by voice. They can even use a digital voice recorder to capture notes in the field and Dragon will automatically transcribe the audio files when they connect to their PC. What’s more, insurance carriers can deploy Dragon broadly to speed documentation turnaround without changing current business processes, existing applications, or deployed information systems. It’s a proven, effective way to increase agent productivity and satisfaction for improved customer service and lower employee turnover.

Empowering Claims Agents to Work Smarter and Faster

  • Cuts documentation time by up to 50% so agents can complete more claims each day
  • Increase mobile productivity by dictating into a digital voice recorder for later transcription
  • Improve report quality by enabling adjusters to capture more detailed notes in the field
  • Speed claims processing for improved customer service and better retention rates
  • Curb agent burnout and drive down turnover by enabling faster completion of claims documentation
  • Streamline the claims processing workflow for enhanced
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for high-cost transcription services
  • Achieve rapid ROI — often in a little as one year

Financial Services

Drive Higher Productivity While Minimizing Compliance Risk

More and more financial advisors and brokers/dealers are struggling to keep up with the amount of paperwork they must complete on a regular basis. But Dragon provides a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for creating the documentation required to meet ever-expanding compliance requirements. Investment advisors can easily capture the detailed information needed to minimize risk of litigation and improve service to investors – just by talking. The speed, accuracy, and ease of use of today’s speech recognition systems deliver an efficient alternative to traditional approaches for document creation and information capture. Simply put, most people can talk faster than they can type. Speech recognition enables investment advisors to input notes and create electronic documents at speeds of up to 160 words per minute — three times faster than typing. Dragon streamlines time-consuming data input and other administrative tasks by serving as a third input option to complement traditional keyboard entry and mouse clicks. Busy investment advisors can significantly boost productivity by entering notes and creating documentation and correspondence faster. That way, they can spend more time on revenue-making activities like prospecting, client meetings, investment research, and transactions.

Reduce the time to document client interactions and create client communications

  • Documenting client conversations with Dragon saves you as much as several hours per work day. Because meeting notes can be entered faster, you have more time to spend on generating revenue and delivering exceptional client service.
  • Dragon not only speeds data input and document creation, but it has been shown to improve the quality and thoroughness of notes.
    This is crucial given that a note to file that is taken in the normal course of business may be introduced as evidence before the courts in the event that a transaction is disputed. Using a digital voice recorder lets you capture more detail when documenting meetings outside the office. And Bluetooth support ensures optimal mobility for productivity on the go.
  • Dragon also speeds creation of other client communications — emails, agreements, newsletters, and more — letting you turn your voice into text using virtually any Windows-based application. In fact, speech recognition delivers results three times faster than most people type—with up to 99% accuracy.
  • Dragon’s dictation and voice control and command capabilities provide a productivity advantage that helps you meet compliance requirements, mitigate legal risk, and focus more time on production and sales — for bottom-line results.


Eliminate Legal Transcription Bottlenecks

The old approaches to practicing law just won’t cut it anymore — especially when it comes to legal documentation. Traditional reliance on administrative support staff and outside transcription services for creating client communications, briefs, citations, contracts, and other legal materials just drags down productivity and eats into profits. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal speech recognition software provides a better way. With Dragon Legal, you can create documents and control your PC by voice — three times faster than typing and with up to 99% accuracy. So you can speed document turnaround, reduce transcription costs, and streamline repetitive workflows — without having to change current business processes or existing information systems.

Helping Legal Professionals Work Smarter and Faster
  • Dictate documents – three times faster than typing – with up to 99% accuracy
  • Speed document turnaround by streamlining your transcription workflow
  • Reduce – or even eliminate-the need to use costly transcription services
  • Reduce reliance on support staff and focus more resources on billable work
  • Improve staff-to-attorney ratio, take on more clients, and outperform the competition
  • Control your computer desktop and applications by voice to get more done in less time
  • Create time-saving macros to automate routine business tasks for additional productivity gains
  • Achieve fast ROI – often in as little as one year.