High-quality audio processing
Olympus DM-650 Digital Voice Recorder


The eye-catching, metal-bodied DM-650 provides fully-fledged professional features for the breathtaking capture of voice and audio in numerous formats – including Linear PCM exceeding CD quality – while also delivering outstanding capabilities for the highest quality and convenient playback of music, audio books and even podcasts. While the dual stereo microphone setup in the previous models DM-450 / DM-550 facilitated superb true stereo recordings, the incorporation of a third, central microphone takes quality audio capture to another level. This combination of mics means that recordings – particularly those of the human voice – are even more balanced and life-like, covering a broader spectrum of sound, from low to high frequencies. The recorder features 4GB and a microSD card slot for additional memory power and ooze with a treasure trove of additional functions like scene modes, low-cut filter or automatic recording all aimed at providing outstanding recording and playback potential for demanding professionals.


  • Low-Cut Filter, Noise Cancel and Voice Filter for crystal clear audio processing
  • Linear PCM (48kHz/16bit = better than CD quality), MP3 and WMA
  • 3 high-quality microphones for true, wideband stereo recording
  • 4GB internal memory plus microSD(HC) slot
  • Partial Erase, File Copy/Move/Divide and index marks
  • Automatic Recording: Voice Sync & VCVA
  • 9 Scene Modes for most convenient recording
  • Convenient Playback of Music, Audio Books and Podcasts
  • Sonority Software included

Box Contents

  • CS-131 Softcase
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
  • KP-22 USB cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Sonority
  • Instruction Manual
  • Earphones

Dragon Compatibility

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Rating:
4 Dragons

Recommended Settings: as automatically selected in the REC SCENE option: DNS

  • File format: MP3-128kbps
  • Rec-Level: Auto
  • Zoom Mic: off
  • Low Cut Filter: off
  • Mic Select: 2Mic

Allows the connection of a Nuance certified external noise canceling headset (6 Dragons)