Dragon Professional Individual 15 is the latest iteration of the speech recognition software. It’s been around for a few years already but after it’s latest update, essentially a complete re-release, you’ve got to wonder when version 16 is coming. As we’ve noted in previous articles, it seems as though the best releases of Dragon are the odd numbers. Version 13 is still popular today, a release of the software that never got a patch or update. While the software’s compatibility has come to mean it’s become outdated by virtue of the evolving Microsoft software around it, version 13 still holds as one of Nuance’s most successful Dragon products introducing the new Dragonbar. Now a legacy product, it’s best not to hold your breath for a patch to address these issues. There are workarounds for niggles, but for most it’s best to simply upgrade to the latest version.

Version 14 of Dragon wasn’t around very long or long enough to leave a mark – the less said about it the better. The latest version has been around for several years. Having quickly moved from 15 to 15.3, it’s been a while since the latest “patch” taking it up to 15.6. Most updates in the past have been less than 100MB in size but the difference with version 15.6 is that it’s the full programme. Make sure your internet connection can handle it because it’s a whole 3.2GB.

This means running an update won’t be enough. It will require you to uninstall your current version, save your voice profiles, download the new version and install. If you need assistance with this cumbersome process get in touch. You’ll want to uninstall in such as way to retain your installation. Be sure to make back ups of your voice profile so that you can easily incorporate them into your 15.6 install. We can assist remotely via TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

The big question is… is it necessary to update? The biggest changes with version 15.6 hinge around security and the user profile location. You can find out more about the release notes here. It’s obviously a good idea to keep up to date with the latest version but if you’re getting good performance out of your 15.3 version and have been for months or years, there’s no rush. The update alert at start up can become a bit irritating, so there are ways to disable this. If you need any assistance, please do make contact with us.

Dragon 15.6 Update – What Now?
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