Frisbee is a versatile dictation and transcription solution that can be deployed on any scale and with any pre-existing hardware setup. From single-user transcription workflows to server-based enterprise-wide speech processing, Frisbee is an efficient team play!

A complete dictation and transcription solution

Frisbee makes digital dictation and transcription easy! It brings together teams that work in an environment where spoken text has to be transformed into structured documents. Reducing the turnaround time and exchanging the dictations and documents through your network, Frisbee provides a real measurable ROI.

Seamless integration of speech recognition

Power up your Frisbee by adding in Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the world’s best speech recognition software! Dragon NaturallySpeaking is fully integrated into the Frisbee interface, making transcribing your dictations that much easier and faster for you and your transcriptionist.

Frisbee Smart – Direct mobile connection with your transcriptionist

Frisbee Smart lets you dictate into your mobile phone and sends the dictation directly to Frisbee, where your transcriptionist receives it immediately after you’ve finished recording..