You’re getting through piles of work using Dragon and suddenly something happens that prevents you from using your software. We know how frustrating technology can be sometimes. Everything’s working one day or one minute and then all of a sudden a frozen screen or strange error messages kick in. We’re on standby if you ever need a helping hand! So know that you’re not alone.

Technology can be tricky at the best of times. The hardware, software and human interface combination can make Dragon particularly finnicky sometimes. There are just so many factors in the mix at all times. The machine’s processing speed and memory capability can have a bearing. The software itself can become corrupt and it’s also possible for the various interconnections between applications to go awry. Then, when it comes to recording sound… a faulty headset, poor sound environment or a incorrectly loaded sound input can throw things out.

The point is… it can be an absolute nightmare! We know this and have dealt with some tech support calls that even befuddle us. While HCD is the service provider and sells Dragon and related products, we aren’t the developers or programmers. This distinction gets us in trouble more often than not because users expect we’re able to rewire the software to make it work again. The reality is that we’re just experts at diagnosing and fixing things that can and do go wrong. Our team has decades of experience in dealing with all kinds of errors or incompatibilities, so we’re a great bet but may require some research and testing in order to get to the bottom of your Dragon tech support issue.

We don’t have all the answers but have had enough experience tinkering with the software to get the best results. A golden rule when your software acts up is to restart your PC. This can give your machine a chance to rest for a second, reallocate resources and clear the slate. Do this before emailing us to make sure this quick fix isn’t necessary. Another tip is to check that Dragon hasn’t become part of your taskbar icons. The software may be loaded but is wintering among your icons in the bottom right of your screen. If you spot the microphone, you can actually access the software by right-clicking on this. It’ll give you a chance to carry on working until we’re next available to assist in resetting the Dragonbar.

What to Do When Dragon Does Nothing…
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