Dragon Medical One is a subscription-based software product that is being implemented in medical environments. Dragon Professional Individual is a once-off payment software product that can be used in any work environment, including medical. There are a number of advantages to using a cloud-based software product, however it’s important to know some of the disadvantages. We weigh up for and against when it comes to Medical One in comparison with standard usage and implementation of Dragon Professional Individual.


For: Medical One gives you a roaming voice profile. There’s no chance of losing the profile and it relies on less computer space on your hard drive.

Against: It will only work while the Internet is connected and power is on. When it comes to Dragon Professional Individual, profiles can be copied and centralised. As time goes on, the need to do this becomes less essential as fewer corrections, customisations and improvements occur. Typically a voice profile takes up 1 GB of hard disk space.

Automatic updates

For: There’s no need to apply updates. Since the software’s automatically updated, you get the latest algorithms and technology.

Against: Dragon patches and updates are infrequent – you may get a maximum of 3 per release and there have been some releases without any. If your current algorithms are delivering satisfactory results, the need to constantly be updating is inconsequential. What’s more – you can opt out of an update and decide against updating. Early adoption of updates can still result in issues. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Power-Mic App

For: This is great as another input device app.

Against: The app isn’t available everywhere and will requires updates. You can use a variety of wired, wireless or handheld microphones instead.

Worry-free IT

For: Simple installation. Tech support is built into the monthly subscription price.

Against: Tech support is infrequent. Most user’s needs are covered by initial service and training. Getting remote support is almost instantaneous and inexpensive in contrast with an ongoing subscription. It’s also good to have someone on standby who you can call if things become critical.


For: Dragon Medical One enables cloud-based one voice profile computing using encryption to protect data.

Against: You don’t need to use encryption if all your data isn’t transmitted and only stored and managed on your local computer hard drive.


For: Good to be able to see how to improve workflow and productivity.
Against: Our custom services attend to these factors taking real world working conditions and systems into account.


For: Get up-to-date product services, evolving software and tech support.

Against: You can avoid this ongoing expense and own the software. Most clients spend less than R15k to get set up, a start up cost that is usually recouped in a few months. Costs only recur upon an upgrade to a newer release of the software or on an ad-hoc basis for tech support. Paying once-off alleviates exchange rate headaches if it fluctuates. The software product is yours and remains usable until it becomes obsolete or incompatible by virtue of the Windows environment.

Dragon Medical One vs. Dragon Professional Individual