Dragon has become a valuable asset to professionals who spend a great deal of their time drafting documentation. Legal documents, medical reporting or tax opinions… each of these arenas can be greatly improved in terms of time spent generating reports and making users more independent.

While these fields are some of the most popular for Dragon use, they are not exclusive. Dragon can be used to augment many types of scenarios. Students are able to harness the power of Dragon in producing their thesis, homework assignments and essays. Why spend more time indoors than you have to?

Authors and screenwriters will also find Dragon remarkable when it comes to writing books or screenplays. Instead of sitting hunched over a keyboard, it’s much easier to let the storytelling flow. Moreover, dictating words in when it comes to a script is just more organic and natural sounding.

Dragon has also been implemented in the civil service when it comes to policing. One of the overlooked aspects of policing is filling out statements and reports. Instead of taking copious notes, handwriting reports or trying to keep track of on-the-beat incidents, it’s much easier to dictate or record them for transcription later.

Public relations professionals are constantly creating press releases or emailing copious amounts of people in order to get their message out there. Dragon makes emails a breeze. While most people think of Dragon when it comes to drafting longer documents in Microsoft Word, it’s actually a massive time-saver when it comes to email.

Another amazing area of productivity is in augmenting disabled users or customising environments that make it easier to use a PC. Being able to dictate and navigate using voice commands and custom macros makes Dragon a wonderful option for people who have limited or no use of their hands.

There are many fields, industries and environments where Dragon can make life easier and more productive. Even now, you may be thinking of an application for the software and technology we haven’t covered!

Dragon – Not Just for Legal, Medical and Tax Professionals
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