Dragon speech recognition software is sold on a per user license, which means that its licensed for use by one single user. That user may be able to create numerous profiles depending on the type of headset they’re using, various sound environments or even for whether they use the software for transcription purposes only. The software enables users to install on up to 2 PCs, which means that you can have Dragon on your work desktop and on a roaming laptop for portability and use at home.

This ability isn’t normal for many software products, which is why its so useful in combination with Dragon. The problem of course is that some unscrupulous scalpers for lack of a better word, buy a single license and sell it twice. You’ll typically find many of these sellers on community sales groups or even larger commerce networks like eBay peddling these bogus licenses.

There isn’t a free version of Dragon’s software, which has traditionally been split to serve a wide range of needs and applications from educational, professional and legal to medical. While the variety of options has been limited in more recent releases, getting it cheap or free should serve as red flags. We’ve come across clients who have got in touch with us after experiencing technical difficulties and not being able to reach the person or company they bought the product from.

While some of these companies are selling legitimate versions of the software, in many cases the sale has been made users have been left in the lurch. HCD prides itself on providing ongoing support to keep our clients at their most productive level possible. It’s recommended to have a refresher every year in order for us to check in, ensure that things are functioning optimally, that profiles are serviced and backed up and that users are getting maximum value.

For some, it’s good enough to just be able to transcribe their documentation. For others, who want to become power users… getting every feature working harmoniously within their work environment is more important. We know we’ve got a full-fledged Dragon user when they call us the minute it stops working. Converting to being able to use Dragon makes the idea of two-finger typing or reverting to the keyboard seem like a pain to great to bear.

Dragon’s speed and accuracy give you the luxury of time and the ability to rather say it. Clearing a whole paragraph out can seem like a disaster when you’ve spent valuable time plonking away on a keyboard. With Dragon, it’s as easy as “delete paragraph” and simply repeating what you said with what you wanted to say differently.

If you think you’ve been sold an illegitimate product, you can contact us in order to verify this. If your previous service provider has vanished into thin air, you can switch over to our services even if you didn’t buy the software through us. We’ll be happy to assess your current usage no matter what stage you’re at.

Dragon Licenses: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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